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Quality Electric Oil burners

Our beautiful electric aromatherapy oil vaporiser is safer to use than a standard oil burner that uses a naked flame. The vaporiser maintains a steady temperature and cost less than 10 cents a day to use. They provide an aromatic scent to the area quickly and efficiently. The vaporizer does not require water to assist in the diffusing of the essential oils. As the low heat emitted by the burner is sufficient to vaporize the essential oils without burning. The use of water with oil burners is necessary to control high temperature heating. If the burner runs out of oil it will not cause any harm to the burner. It is safe to handle when in use as it remains cool to touch. Produced to the highest standards and made from the good quality ceramics. Available in black and white a light comes at no extra charge. Price wise we are the best in Australia and will not be ebaten. Enquire today or ask for our mail order catalogue. Wholesale catalogue available on request. Easy to operate Plug in Add 8-10 drop of the essential oils. Turn on at the wall Allow 15 minutes to heat up to the maximum heat. We have all the Australian standards required. Electric oil burners and Australian Government Approved. We sell to many countries and wholesale just email us today sales@linenco.com.au or simply call International +61 3 98999800 . In Australia please call 03 98 999800

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